CURRENT PROJECTS Fulton Cy Jail-New Kitchen Addition-Hickman KY
Bid Date:
Flood Pump Station No 2 Rehabilitation-Paducah KY
Bid Date: 2/23/2018
Fairfield Community High School District-Athletic Complex Renovation-Fairfield Illinois
Bid Date: 2/15/2018
Century Restroom Renovation and Sewer Line Replacement-Ullin-Pulaski Cy Illinois
Bid Date: 2/20/2018
Trico Waterline Replacement-Campbell Hill-Jackson CY-IL
Bid Date: 2/28/2018
Shawnee Community College-Flooring Replacement-Bldgs K-H-I-J-Illinois
Bid Date: 3/1/2018
Cairo Annex Building Renovation-Shawnee Community College-Ullin Illinois
Bid Date: 3/1/2018
Renovations-The Alahambra Theatre-Hopkinsville KY
Bid Date: 3/8/2018
Buncombe Fire Door Replacmt-Buncombe IL
Bid Date: 3/8/2018
Mt Vernon C S D HVAC and Electrical Upgrades-Mt Vernon-IL
Bid Date: 3/13/2018
Meridian HS Unit Ventilator Replacmt-Mounds IL
Bid Date: 3/14/2018
Logan Cy High School-Indoor Athletic Pracitice Facility-Russellville KY
Bid Date: 3/22/2018
Murray-Calloway County Hospital-South Tower Mammo Renovation-Murray KY
Bid Date: 4/4/2018
JAMP Special Education Svcs-Utility Prep-Minor Reno-Timeout Room-Grand Chain-IL
Bid Date: 3/20/2018
Marshall County Public Library-Benton KY
Bid Date: 3/29/2018
Shawnee High School Science Lab and Restroom Reno-Wolf Lake-Union Cy IL
Bid Date: 3/29/2018
Vienna High School Misc Items-Vienna-Johnson Cy-ILL
Bid Date: 3/26/2018
West KY and TN Telecom Coop Truck Garage-Mayfield KY
Bid Date: 4/12/2018
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